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Today, I’m going to do a review on a Queens based alternative rock band called The Marquee. The review is on three songs, one of which has been be re-worked. The track “Lights out” appeared first on the “Passing By” EP released in 2011. The redone “Lights out” has more a punch and aggression to it that it lacked in the EP. The vocals of Maurice Alban has seem to mature which helps the song tremendously.  “Lights out” is noticeably faster and in your face. It was a great improvement.

“Last Words” seems like an ode to Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters. The Song might not be one of the most dynamic songs and borders the risk of being a little repetitive for a four minute song, however it’s catchy enough that you don’t really mind too much. It sounds like a great opening track for an EP, or LP. The crowning jewel of the set is “Shades of White”. It is my favorite Marquee song to date. With elements of dream rock, and indie pop, it is a great contrast to the other songs. If you’re familiar with Silversun Pickups, you’ll see a bit of a connection. Whether this is intended is unknown but I felt the song was reminiscent of that band’s “Carnavas” album. For me this song is culmination of sound the band has been trying to hone since their humble beginnings as Going Solar. Based on the three tracks I can say that I’m looking forward to their future releases.

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